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56 months, the country's most beautiful 8 places, only 1 of people have been to

title below the world tour,
summer travel magazine China top concern is the most beautiful time of the year,
all full of vitality,
once to go to these places,
other places will become,
you are still waiting for what,
immediately go! Shangri-La is located in Shangri-La County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province,
200 kilometers away from Lijiang,
4-5 hours by car,
Shangri-La in Tibetan means the sun and moon in the heart,
because of its beautiful and holy is known as the land of idyllic beauty.
Shangri-La has sacred snow capped mountains,
deep canyons,
flying waterfalls,
peaceful lakes surrounded by forests,
flocks of cattle and sheep roaming the beautiful grasslands,
clear as the mirror sky,
magnificent temples.
This is the sacred land of religion and earthly para