chrome hearts air max 97 mcm

A single machine can also shoot VR experience sharing about virtual reality production

My name is Evan Ricks (Ai Wen).
I have been in Shanghai for nearly 10 years.
Engaged in film special effects,
directed by 3D animation director and VR creative and directed.
This time,
I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with ELLEMEN magazine to make this VR project for them.
ELLEMEN is a hormone inspired magazine for men.
Pay attention to fashion,
lifestyle and social spirit.
The virtual reality project is dedicated to the May cover story of Wallace Huo,
the first experience of virtual reality,
starring Wallace Huo,
a famous actor.
Wallace Huo was a friendly and dedicated actor,
and even though my Chinese and his English were limited,
he could understand my intentions quickly when he was working with me.
Wallace Huo is also willing to try anything we ask for.
For example,