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Even Dong Zijian is losing weight. Do you mean to be fat?

Zhang Mingzhen: Bachelor of human movement science,
psychology master Ge Sanghua,
Dong Zi Jian with this paper absurd eight words to describe the entertainment circle.
Who is Dong Zijian? 1993 born small meat,
22 years old,
named Golden Horse Award best actor new actor,
the first agent Wang Jinghua's only son.
in these dazzling aura,
he also has unknown weight loss story.
Dong Zijian is skinny.
Do you mean to keep on getting fat? If the entertainment in the town,
that Dong Zijian can be regarded as one of them.
His mother was the first generation star manager,
Wang Jinghua.
The star she brought out almost took over half of the entertainment world: Hu Jun,
Carina Lau,
Tong Dawei,
Anita Yuen,
Tony Leung.
Guarding such a mother,
Dong Zijian and early into the entertai