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Hall of fame, each inspirational story of the origin are very hard to force - baby tree interview special parenting cartoonist Dai Xiaohe

ll baby tree interview greet: draw out of the subway,
he stayed small child: worked at Apple,
Jingdong and other well-known companies,
after full time baby,
was unwilling to become a housewife,
at the age of 25 to become self comics,
hand-painted Master.
Daytime baby,
night creation,
weekly WeChat public number to update the original comic! Tough style,
million mom strongly,
insist on women's independent liberal,
maternal parenting comics Satin hand,
who see who smile! The origin of each of the 1 inspirational story is not good and every intention of full-time mother,
he also had a small stay with their own past,
invincible youth in high and vigorous spirits.
At that time,
she was the pride of her parents.
After graduation from University,
she was full of confidence and prepared to work ha