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Organic milk powder is safer, but experts say it is just a flicker of consumers

permarket shelves Abbott organic milk (Xinhua Shen Mei photo) Xinhua Beijing February 29 (Shen Mei) recently,
on the organic milk powder safer and more nutritious argument rampant.
Imported milk,
European organic certification,
innovative nutrition formula.
The organic milk powder almost wears all the rings in the milk powder industry,
and has earned a reasonable explanation for its high price.
Then the organic milk is really worth,
everybody? Xinhua food in Beijing supermarket visited,
found that organic milk powder was dubbed super high-end,
the best milk powder to sell to consumers.
The series of organic milk Abbott Jing Chi,
for example,
in Wumart supermarket shelves,
Abbott Jing Chi 900g Denmark imported a formula for the price of 409 yuan,
two formula price 450 y