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[remind] Luhan traced in Taiwan Ampquot working illegally what Ampquot so serious

Luhan traced by holding travel documents recorded programs in Taiwan,
Taiwan violated the employment service law.
According to the regulations,
if the illegal facts are established,
or most Luhan was sentenced to 5 years ban in taiwan.
/ / / Luhan coming on campus shooting travel pass does not work,
the 5 years are not allowed to enter Taiwan in May 1st,
Luhan went to Taiwan to record the Zhejiang TV variety show I go to school,
6 days and 5 nights of shooting trip,
but was exposed not to work permit to hold only professionals free sightseeing documents,
in violation of the relevant provisions of the Taiwan Employment Service Law,
the Taiwan authorities will be interviewed.
Taiwan authorities said to the media,
will be the first to confirm the deer Hanlai Taiwan to participate