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The China first atomic bomb before the accident broke into the horse bandits test results

ry source of public No.
(ID:tiexiejunshi) October 13,
Lop Nor sky light,
the vast desert,
no human habitation,
only the cool breeze ruffles the layers of sand waves,
from time to time to the atomic bomb carrier towering coming.
Admiral Zhang Aiping,
Deputy General Staff Chief of the Chinese people's Liberation Army,
who is the commander in chief of the experimental field,
is busily directing.
At this time,
an unexpected secret urgently to his hand: scout found a one or two 100 motley team,
suddenly appeared in the area near the explosion test is already banned in control,
but also to the test area near the sneaking.
The information contained a group of IL reconnaissance planes taking photographs from 800 meters high.
The general opened his eyes and could not help but be shocked - in