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The choice of two sheep must be read in this life

o sheep on the grassland,
a group in the south,
a group in the north.
God gave the sheep two natural enemies.
One was the lion,
the other was the wolf.
God said to the flock,
if you want a wolf,
give one,
and let it bite you at will.
If you want a lion,
give it to both ends.
You may choose either of the two lions or change it at any time.
The question is: if you were among the sheep,
would you choose the wolf or the lion? Is it easy to make a choice? OK! Remember your choice,
then look down! The southern sheep thought,
lion is much more ferocious than wolf,
or wolf.
! So they asked for a wolf.
North sheep think,
although the lion is much more ferocious than the wolf,
but we have the choice,
or to the lion! So they took two lions.
After the wolf went into the south,
he began to eat she