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The easiest way to refuse love

layful attitudes are relaxing,
they are not respected at all.
Aries always smiles at friends because they always regard themselves as boys in their hearts.
In the event from the buddy indulgence,
the Aries woman of course inevitably shy but a tangled + opening,
they could not help but you will usually get along,
take out that make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks.
In fact,
Aries women are also kind,
because they feel embarrassed to pretend to be a joke,
the other side of the pressure will be smaller.
But in doing so,
it might make the boy feel that he is being laughed at! Taurus: stalling tactics is not responsible for two people.
The Taurus woman thinks it is very impolite to refuse other people's advertisement,
and it will embarrass both parties.
So receive unwilling to a