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The Japanese department store sales exceeding 4 times the annual income of 11 billion 400 million WAL-MART Carrefour

he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I said [reading] top Jun in China,
Wangfujing and the Department Store Yintai is already the industry leader in the eyes of the people.
through the data - store sales exceeded 576 million yuan,
you will find there is a department,
it is the competition in talent shows itself slowly.
It is Japan's Ito yokado.
Ito Yokado was the world famous convenience store 7-Eleven's parent company,
is Japan's main retail enterprises.
In 1996,
Ito Yokado stationed in Chengdu,
the Japanese department store in China did not store into a global business The climate does not suit one.
instead of the king.
This can not help but be curious,
this is exactly how a business? Why does it make Chinese department stores eclipsed? The Japanese departm