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What do you prefer, WeChat or QQ, to see their strengths and weaknesses?

dotes NEWS,
WeChat and QQ,
which do you prefer? A recent survey data show that the social application of 95 after love was not WeChat,
but is already 70,
80 QQ darulenggong.
Even as the 90 Lioncel,
QQ has gradually reduced to a working tool,
and is no longer a social purpose.
According to Tencent user data analysis,
WeChat 95.
7% of users in the 18~50 years old,
and most of the 95 after WeChat is not as high as 95 before,
then 95 after all why do you like QQ? 1.
PC experience 95,
most Bags Party,
and now the study and life can not be separated from network resources sharing.
For example,
problem sharing,
good file sharing experience is very important.
If it is WeChat,
it is difficult to achieve timely download and reply.
And QQ does not have this problem.
File sharing is a very important fun