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What is flagship Canon EOS1DXMarkII evaluation?

year Olympic Games will be held this year,
and Canon Co,
the image equipment giant,
will not miss the chance to display its flagship digital SLR camera 1D X products on the field.
On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016,
Canon (China) Co.
officially released a new generation of flagship digital SLR cameras in Beijing - Canon EOS,
Mark ii.
Based on this performance as professional digital SLR camera before the improvement,
and focus on enhancing the video shooting skill,
reached to peak level.
Since the launch of the 2001 EOS 1D series of body has classic styling heritage in EOS 1D XMark II,
Mark II is quietly marked in the bayonet at five o'clock a large area of the side of the fuselage skin is very soft after the back of large diameter dial with eight to choose the rod can