chrome hearts air max 97 mcm

Will double cameras be a sore point for your cell phone purchases?

mobile phone era of rapid development,
the major manufacturers are mustering the strength to go ahead,
it is one of the most interesting,
the contention of a hundred schools of thought,
is the flagship of the inevitable.
After iPhone became the benchmark for mobile phones,
we are also accustomed to mobile phone manufacturers in the conference and Apple separated from the contest,
such as configuration,
life iPhone seconds.
we rarely see some real black tech.
the recent HUAWEI P9,
but let it is to let FIX's small partners at the moment,
especially that and Leica deep cooperation dual camera,
double shot is not a new technology.
The earliest such as LG,
HTC and other manufacturers adopted double cameras as the selling point of mobile phones.
let's pick up a