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101 asked Fu Sheng, how do you face the blame and challenge around?

ring Fu Sheng fourteenth old field three times Jobs biography,
from their start in the garage business,
and I think they have a sense of intimacy of the generation,
and we are now a lot of people how similar,
he slowly,
on repeated exploration,
the time and body pressure up,
originally he the whole of the market to see more clearly,
I think it is because he station dimension high point for products he felt that everything is the extension of the product,
including the company,
organize the team,
is to make better products,
and he is a leader of a benchmark.
His purple cow eyes to acme,
also appeared a lot of creative products under his leadership.
But I would like to ask Mr.
Fu a question that I have been thinking for a long time: what does CEO mean? Personally,
I havent felt anything like apple for years.
Lei Weihong,
ha ha,
Im super Fu powder.
Since you know your presence,
you will pay more attention to any of your news,
as well as all the past video,
your story is inspirational,
will motivat