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Can test tube babies grow in test tubes, baby?

ring  common situation: when youre young,
you dont want children,
you get pregnant at random; you dont want to have kids when youre older.
Perhaps a lot of people will say,
can not conceive of a child can be a test tube baby,
life is much simpler than their own.
80% of these friends thought test tube babies were babies that grew up in test tubes.
Is a test tube baby growing up in a test tube? Of course not.
The test tube baby in the mouth is a child born with assisted reproductive technology,
and also pregnant in October in her mothers belly.
a test tube baby is an assisted reproductive technique that helps infertile couples conceive children.
Because the process involves getting sperm and eggs out of the lab for a period of time,
growing into an embryo,
and returning to mothers womb.
Whos going to be a test tube baby? Here to emphasize,
not to say infertility will be test tube baby.
First of all,
under the guidance of doctors,
actively cooperate with the examinat