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I miss Layla fortunate life always go on the road of their success

ring  | - the rabbit Layla miss I admire most,
she is always appropriate,
because she is not too sophisticated enough,
there is no strong desire,
so she always fearless.
The girl is someone to write poetry that worry to travel,
she is really with wounds to travel apart,
not a bit hypocritical.
The first time to see Layla miss,
a tall and skinny,
with a smile,
sitting in a corner of our work,
I wonder,
neither the agent nor the momentum,
star assistant ran back,
just calmly sat there,
do not take the initiative to talk with people.
Towards the end,
it suddenly occurred to me who she was.
One evening in the summer,
we had an appointment for dinner.
She came around and sat down and showed me her new tattoo.
I asked her if it hurt.
She smiled and shook her head.
At that moment,
I thought she was stronger than she looked thin.
I also like all people,
saw her alone set foot on the journey after the injury,
a walk is more than 450 thousand kilometers,
she seems to travel in anger,
in licking their wounds in