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NBA was elected official to congratulate all the regular season highlights curry MVP produced too insane

ring e prince of laughter.
Before you watch this video,
make a brief background presentation for non NBA fans.
Curry was born in 1988,
the NBA warriors player.
Select the MVP vote,
unanimously elected curitiba.
League first.
This season,
curry led the warriors to a record of 73 wins,
creating the history of the league,
he averaged 30.
1 points,
ranked first in the league.
Curry averaged 402 points in the regular season of the season,
breaking his own three - point record of three points in a season.
Among them,
in February 28th against the thunder in the game,
a single game scored 12 points three pointers,
tied the NBA history of three points a single game record.
The official NBA to congratulate the curry unanimously elected the MVP regular season for the season,
making a video collection,
after reading it,
you will feel,
is simply guards.
Feel it together.
Love curry is point a praise it.
I know there are a lot of fans,
NBA fans,
pay attention to our new NBA fans will focus on account of it [] comed