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ring  so,
Ode to joy on the second sent on time.
The other is said today: Shengmei,
Fan Xiao Qu Mei Xiao,
Qiu Yingying and Andy Juer,
want to watch here.
Fan Shengmei (Jiang Xin) Fan Shengmei is a glamorous foreign enterprise HR,
a play,
I know she loves to dress up.
She shared the room with the other two girls and lived in the worst room in room 2202.
She has half the wardrobe in her room,
but in another way,
she sleeps in a huge walk-in cloakroom.
But Fan Shengmei although monthly salary of ten thousand,
but to pay the rent,
but also to support the parents,
in fact,
no money left.
just die again to face,
but also love the beauty of life,
so only buy a cottage,
a road can go.
I think Fan Shengmei is the most bitter,
not because of experience,
but met a compulsive crew,
crew in the pursuit of truth,
and deliberately give her a distressed,
5 seconds.
But first insert one,
these bags or some accessories.
Jiang Xin is particularly expressive,
a little cute and a little pathetic