chrome hearts air max 97 mcm

After recording this program, Wang Han

ring ed a national MC in the host of many entertainment shows Chinese,
it must be Wang Han,
you say si not Si to entry from 1995 become Changsha radio guest host,
until now the irreplaceable national MC,
from every day to I am a singer,
he gained numerous evaluation: full of wit and humor,
refined and cultured,
to wit.
But vegetarian! A steady 20 year old Wang Han!! Recently,
a turn of style siu!! As summer approached,
it began to ripple! You and the skill is extremely deep,
swing the human heart flutterfibrillation! When I heard that eating melons,
the masses were not convinced,
but after reading this issue of Mars intelligence bureau,
we just want to roar a sentence: the river flows east,
I did not expect you to be like this,
Wang Han ah,
ah!! The following with mud Meng experience,
Wang Han hid for many years of true colors! 1,
the wave to hug the truth,
Wang Han is not like the emotional exposure of people,
so in addition to some special occasions,
most can only see him and others pol