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[appointment] cross-border Internet, Qinghai gelatin to transition

ring  committed to animal gelatin glue and its related industry development and management,
industries involved in drug auxiliary materials,
pharmaceutical packaging,
biological health,
yield and quality of products are all ranked in the forefront of the industry,
marketing network all over the country and city,
products are sold all over the country.
the name of Qinghai gelatin company changed from Qinghai gelatin Limited by Share Ltd to Shenzhou Yi Bridge Information Service Limited by Share Ltd,
and the company will become a business structure with enterprise service and manufacturing as auxiliary.
Shenzhou easy bridge which is home to the small and medium-sized enterprises in the service of Internet Co,
now flying information and communication technology network information technology,
the rapid development of the market,
Internet plus concept,
the concept of hot big data era,
the success of the transformation of Qinghai gelatin,
how to implement the strategic pla