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Drink this bowl of water, defecate a Shuang, in the end sore throat disappeared overnight

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health and disease for classic honey with sesame oil can cure constipation constipation is always a difficult problem for a long time of great bodily harm but also because the intestinal absorption of constipation and toxic substances to cause detoxification poor,
increasing the burden on the kidneys.
At present,
in the treatment of this disease,
the use of ingredients containing laxative ingredients,
in fact,
is not necessary,
some therapeutic folk remedies can cure constipation.
Chinese medicine believes that honey and sesame oil (sesame oil) have Runchang laxative function,
they are thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine records since the most natural,
green food for constipation treatment.
Heres how to use honey + sesame oil for constipation formula.
[raw] honey 250 ml,
sesame oil 100 ml.
[make] honey in a bowl,
stirring the sparkling bamboo chopsticks,
stir until thick honey bubble,
stir sesame oil slowly in honey,