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MIF era, new media, new investment, new financial ceremony countdown

ring by the MIF alliance,
AI asked the media,
science and technology,
knowledge of micro gold investment group co sponsored the MIF era ceremony will be held in Beijing Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lido on June 5,
the meeting of the preparatory work has entered the countdown stage.
the MIF era sponsor aicheng Ms.
on-site speech share,
many domestic top investment Ka,
entrepreneurial elite will come together to discuss business,
investment experience,
share for rich,
wealth of.
In the past three years,
AI Cheng from the host and transformation of entrepreneurs,
and the team founded an ecological three company,
are the new characters Ai media asked media record a wealth of data,
Chinese matrix maximum flow of the new financial media provide information services and Internet technology,
micro Jinke equity investment the biggest entrance of the knowledge investment group,
we are dedicated to create a complete industrial chain of MIF,
new media,
new investment (MEDIA) (INVESTMENT) (FINA