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Not reading is useless, but you are useless

ring  | country museum (ID:guoguan5000) went to the graduation season.
Millions of students will go into the workplace,
fighting for life.
look at them in the post clumsy-handed,
in the workplace and in the past - senior,
the knowledge learned in the school all dont help,
I would have jumped out a sigh: reading useless,
would rather go out of work in the society,
learning comes in.
Qian Zhongshu is an encyclopedic mind podcasts are divided,
but not clear,
wear clothes and shoes are not divided,
so regardless,
if not married man Yang Jiang,
even take care of themselves are a problem.
Whats the use of reading,
you see? Even Yi Zhongtian once said,
reading is useless and reading is for reading.
In order to read and study,
knowledge is up,
the degree card is taken,
but still receive a meager salary,
worry about house prices,
oil prices,
or bad life.
But Li Jiacheng said,
I like reading.
Any book.
Its useful to me.
Useful today and useful tomorrow.
when a lot of important things come,