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Shirley from pure actress change scale queen is depravity or nature?

ring er member Shirley tuituan before can be said to be a pure and lovely girl and Cui Zi since love exposure and after retirement Shirley in front of people from the original pure and lovely image directly becomes the second rebellious women the transition speed is really a rocket ride are not the same ah your uncle is puzzled love idol like Suzy and Lee Min Ho and Min Hyo Rin and even the sun is a T-ara member Jiyeon and Li Dongjian,
although many of the doping condemning but most fans and friends is the blessing of the attitude of Shirley and Cui Zi but when the result is not the same at the age of 14 and a high-profile show of affection to fans and friends who had accepted this knowingly incompetent the tiger undeterred behavior in the end is a brave or show or remember the star of the Shirley curved in a smile with the mouth clean White teeth is really adorable one all the fans also no wonder since 05 years after becoming SM trainee was Lee Sooman and me are all spoiled,
said Shirley in the SM