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Warcraft movie design manuscript big exposure, so the story behind the original so inspirational

ring e friends! The time has come again! Excited? Looking forward to it? Are you happy? Let me hear your screams,
will you? This time we are going to talk about a fan up story! A man never taught him to draw young because love World of Warcraft,
so often to draw their own figures to the Warcraft game fans on the site and share their game player was just a fan of World of Warcraft on the expression of love did not think it was a fancy Blizzard and became Blizzards first Chinese painter he is Wang Wei the movie Warcraft in the orc image main designer designer Wang Wei video original ideal is to become Warcrafts occupation game player coincidence as he drew a blizzard illustration from an occupation game player into an occupation artist this plot for the world of Warcraft game player is too inspirational in the movie  Wang Wei is mainly responsible for Warcraft Orc image design mainly composed of Durotan,
Orgrim and black It is his image of conceptual design is often a picture version let us e