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Ampquot democracy spring stands at night to see the destruction of Western democracy myth

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com source: red flag manuscript,
the two major political events in the western countries attracted attention.
The 1 is the American democracy spring protest.
Protesters in April 2nd from the symbol of American independence and the independence of Philadelphia bell of walking 10 days arrived in Washington at the Capitol to protest demonstrations,
money manipulation American election and not as government,
improve democracy,
the end of money politics,
ensure fair elections.
The campaign ended in April 18th amid pressure from the authorities and media indifference.
two is Frances standing night social movement.
The movement stems from a protest against the French governments new version of the labor law reform program.
It has lasted more than a month since the evening of March 31st,
at the French Republic of Paris square.
With the passage of time,
the theme of movement gradually expanded to social governance,
electoral system,

[gossip] a female star with a fetish

ring  committed suicide for his first love,
Idy Chan,
who acted as a young dragon girl.
A heavy power; a heavy perfume.
Han Xues grandfather was Colonel level,
she is a real prince for female hype,
Prince female net for snow cold.
One of the big hobby,
collection of photographs of the body.
Berlin Chan didnt see the reality so honest and honest.
Du Chun has a girlfriend,
and Joe Chen is just a friend.
Baron Chens father is one of the three gang bamboo Union,
the black community in Taiwan,
formerly belonging to the Kuomintang,
privately some light things,
like the kind of man.
since his father died,
people have been drinking tea,
and now Chens family has moved to Kampuchea.
White Lily likes to wear black beautiful pupil very much.
Babel spends some money privately.
Michelle Ye and her little seems to have Mr.
private marriage room to solve the wedding,
do not know,
but the house is headed small silence alone.
Yuan Shanshan likes to visit Taobao,
and also discuss with Tang Yan.
Tang Yan al

Inside, Liu Qing played a joke on Cook and 22 days later he got the money

ring th,
according to foreign media reports,
apple and drops of  billion investment cooperation transactions,
from negotiations to completion only 22 days.
Apples alliance with drops begins with a joke.
Liu Qing,
the drops president,
said the talks never started a month ago (April 20th),
when she visited Cook at Apple headquarters.
In the April 20th meeting,
Liu Qing joked with Cook when he joked that fruit naming companies could do big things.
She explained that the legal name of drops is small orange,
quick wisdom,
that is,
little orange mean.
22 days later,
Apple announced a  billion investment.
Liu Qing,
a former banker at Goldman Sachs,
often meets with us technology executives,
but she doesnt want money from the other side of the meeting,
but talks about Chinas markets and opportunities for cooperation with each other.
The whole deal was done at lightning speed,
Liu Qing said.
Cook impressed us.
He was a brilliant and iconic leader of the times.
Apples investment will in

100 thousand, the joint venture car on space theory, fuel consumption, this car among the best

ring e to select vehicles,
detailed analysis of models,
depth contrast competition products,
help car buyers crowd,
three-dimensional understanding of a car! The protagonist: Nissan sunny (guide price: 7.
28 million bricks) TERT comments: sunlight has been with its simple and eye-catching appearance attracts the attention of consumers,
in early 2014,
more modified models,
it is now we see models.
The biggest change,
from the original into a trapezoidal grille,
formed under the grille now X on the other,
more sense of power.
The headlights have also been redesigned,
styling is not only more avant-garde,
but also larger size.
Comment: Brick for an uncle is used very careful in reckoning live at home,
how to control power surging,
how sharp,
it must choose the wrong bus.
The power of the sun is relatively mediocre,
but its fuel efficiency is really superb.
Brick comment: and power the same reason,
the sun does not have much driving pleasure,
everything for comfort.
The suspension is ef

Buy SUV these four wheel drive types are not understand, just wait to be fooled

ring heel drive system,
is one of the most important symbol of SUV,
if not a SUV four-wheel drive system,
are not too embarrassed to call SUV.
Four wheel drive,
also called the all wheel drive,
refers to the car front and rear wheel can be obtained,
and according to the road conditions and the output torque of the engine according to the different proportion allocated to each wheel,
in order to improve the vehicles off-road capability.
Type of four-wheel drive system,
summed up in three major categories: 1 AWD AWD does not require the driver to select the operating car always maintain four wheel drive mode,
the engine output torque in proportion to each wheel transmission.
If you want to subdivide the AWD system,
can be divided into: fixed torque distribution and variable torque distribution in general,
AWD has excellent driving performance and good off-road capability,
but the complex structure,
high manufacturing cost,
generally used in high-end models.
Representative models: Subaru,

He just wants to be ambiguous instead of wanting to be in love

ring enevolence six personal public numbers: direnliu [freelance writer Leo inspirational fairy goddess] a pair of legs and a pair of beauty to accompany your travels to numerous hills and streams of spring and autumn and winter advocate that you read love hand in hand to make love,
the other day the girl from the back of the back step left I met a boy.
Speak good heart.
He was so careful that he woke me up every morning,
told me to sleep every night,
patted my head and told me,
be good!.
He held me tight in the crowded elevator room,
and I started to move.
So when he was driving,
he asked me whether it was cold or not,
and when I answered,
he pulled my hand and said,
hands are so cold.
At that moment,
I did not refuse.
within a month,
he did not mention the love.
Later I asked him,
are you going to stay with me? He looked so embarrassed,
he thought about it and said,
I like you very much.
But Im not in love right now.
Just wait for me.
- this is the last message we sent.
- be

Central bank emergency clarification, prudent monetary policy orientation has not changed, M2 growth will still decline significantly

ring l bank Chinese today in April monetary and credit data to reporters said,
reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system,
the prudent monetary policy has not changed,
will continue to implement prudent monetary policy,
keep flexible,
timely fine-tuning.
The April financial data surprise,
new RMB loans and social financing scale plunged,
M1 increased and M2 growth rate hit the lowest since June last year,
M1 and M2 between a 6 year high.
The new RMB loans fell from 1 trillion and 370 billion yuan in March to 555 billion 600 million yuan in 60% yuan,
and the scale of social financing plummeted by 68% to 751 billion yuan.
(above from the industrial fixed income analyst Tang Yue,
Luo Tingyan) in April the central bank monetary and credit data released today to reporters said,
after the season,
the base factors adjust and consider the local government bond issuance and debt replacement and other factors,
the current overall monetary credit and social financing scale growth is still stable and no