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Ampquot democracy spring stands at night to see the destruction of Western democracy myth

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the two major political events in the western countries attracted attention.
The 1 is the American democracy spring protest.
Protesters in April 2nd from the symbol of American independence and the independence of Philadelphia bell of walking 10 days arrived in Washington at the Capitol to protest demonstrations,
money manipulation American election and not as government,
improve democracy,
the end of money politics,
ensure fair elections.
The campaign ended in April 18th amid pressure from the authorities and media indifference.
two is Frances standing night social movement.
The movement stems from a protest against the French governments new version of the labor law reform program.
It has lasted more than a month since the evening of March 31st,
at the French Republic of Paris square.
With the passage of time,
the theme of movement gradually expanded to social governance,
electoral system,