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Buy SUV these four wheel drive types are not understand, just wait to be fooled

ring heel drive system,
is one of the most important symbol of SUV,
if not a SUV four-wheel drive system,
are not too embarrassed to call SUV.
Four wheel drive,
also called the all wheel drive,
refers to the car front and rear wheel can be obtained,
and according to the road conditions and the output torque of the engine according to the different proportion allocated to each wheel,
in order to improve the vehicles off-road capability.
Type of four-wheel drive system,
summed up in three major categories: 1 AWD AWD does not require the driver to select the operating car always maintain four wheel drive mode,
the engine output torque in proportion to each wheel transmission.
If you want to subdivide the AWD system,
can be divided into: fixed torque distribution and variable torque distribution in general,
AWD has excellent driving performance and good off-road capability,
but the complex structure,
high manufacturing cost,
generally used in high-end models.
Representative models: Subaru,