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Central bank emergency clarification, prudent monetary policy orientation has not changed, M2 growth will still decline significantly

ring l bank Chinese today in April monetary and credit data to reporters said,
reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system,
the prudent monetary policy has not changed,
will continue to implement prudent monetary policy,
keep flexible,
timely fine-tuning.
The April financial data surprise,
new RMB loans and social financing scale plunged,
M1 increased and M2 growth rate hit the lowest since June last year,
M1 and M2 between a 6 year high.
The new RMB loans fell from 1 trillion and 370 billion yuan in March to 555 billion 600 million yuan in 60% yuan,
and the scale of social financing plummeted by 68% to 751 billion yuan.
(above from the industrial fixed income analyst Tang Yue,
Luo Tingyan) in April the central bank monetary and credit data released today to reporters said,
after the season,
the base factors adjust and consider the local government bond issuance and debt replacement and other factors,
the current overall monetary credit and social financing scale growth is still stable and no