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He just wants to be ambiguous instead of wanting to be in love

ring enevolence six personal public numbers: direnliu [freelance writer Leo inspirational fairy goddess] a pair of legs and a pair of beauty to accompany your travels to numerous hills and streams of spring and autumn and winter advocate that you read love hand in hand to make love,
the other day the girl from the back of the back step left I met a boy.
Speak good heart.
He was so careful that he woke me up every morning,
told me to sleep every night,
patted my head and told me,
be good!.
He held me tight in the crowded elevator room,
and I started to move.
So when he was driving,
he asked me whether it was cold or not,
and when I answered,
he pulled my hand and said,
hands are so cold.
At that moment,
I did not refuse.
within a month,
he did not mention the love.
Later I asked him,
are you going to stay with me? He looked so embarrassed,
he thought about it and said,
I like you very much.
But Im not in love right now.
Just wait for me.
- this is the last message we sent.
- be