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Inside, Liu Qing played a joke on Cook and 22 days later he got the money

ring th,
according to foreign media reports,
apple and drops of  billion investment cooperation transactions,
from negotiations to completion only 22 days.
Apples alliance with drops begins with a joke.
Liu Qing,
the drops president,
said the talks never started a month ago (April 20th),
when she visited Cook at Apple headquarters.
In the April 20th meeting,
Liu Qing joked with Cook when he joked that fruit naming companies could do big things.
She explained that the legal name of drops is small orange,
quick wisdom,
that is,
little orange mean.
22 days later,
Apple announced a  billion investment.
Liu Qing,
a former banker at Goldman Sachs,
often meets with us technology executives,
but she doesnt want money from the other side of the meeting,
but talks about Chinas markets and opportunities for cooperation with each other.
The whole deal was done at lightning speed,
Liu Qing said.
Cook impressed us.
He was a brilliant and iconic leader of the times.
Apples investment will in